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Verruca Freeze 472ml Twin Pack Canisters (200 freezes)

Verruca Freeze 472ml Twin Pack Canisters (200 freezes)

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Purchase of cryogen products is restricted to medical professionals. DocSavings Staff will request verification from any non-medical customer before shipment.

Verrucafreeze TWIN PACK Large Replacement Canisters include:
· TWO of the new & improved trigger mechanism 236 ml canisters of Cryogen (approx. 200 freezes in the pack)
· Extender tube

(Note- No cones or buds are included in this discount replacement twin pack. Click here for a Verruca Freeze Twin Pack Kit with Buds and Cones)

Verruca-Freeze® is a simple, safe, and effective alternative to liquid nitrogen. It is cleared to treat 21 benign skin lesions including common warts, plantar warts, mollusum, genital warts, skin tags, small keloids, angiomas, age spots, and many more!

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